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Introducing Allison Tindale

​A Town Planning Professional that that cares about places & people
  • Over 15 years of planning experience 
  • Full Member of the New Zealand Planning Institute
  • Masters of Urban and Regional Planning (Honours) + Bachelor of Economics
  • Experience in plan policy and resource consent decision making
  • Experience in research & analysis
  • Experience with working with Local Councils in the Wellington region
  • Overseas experience in New South Wales (Australia), England and Wales in both the public and private sector
  • I can tailor a package to suit your needs and budget

I'm committed to providing high quality planning advice that clients' can understand.

I encourage people to consider policies and project features which contribute to the liveability and functioning of urban places, and which respect or respond to the natural environment.

See offer to community and resident groups below. 
What do you want in your place?

Offer to Community & Resident Groups

Local groups can create real benefits for their local area.  I want to help groups maximise their opportunities to be involved in local planning. 
The free training session can be tailored, to include:
  • Identification of what development requires consent and why
  • Identification & explanation of key rules (e.g. height & setback)
  • Identification of matters the Council can consider in its assessment
  • What buildings built in accordance with rules could look like
  • What are 'legitimate planning considerations'
  • What planning considerations are given the greatest 'weight'
  • What makes a good quality submission
  • What is 'consent activity status'?
  • Can submissions make a difference?
For groups with 10+ members in the Wellington region,
I offer

1 Free Training/Advice Session*

The session is intended to improve understanding of key planning terms used in resource consents and/or plan changes.  As well as  improving the quality of public submissions. 

* Conditions apply.  
Furthermore, if your group needs to obtain resource consent for a project with anticipated positive outcomes for local people & places (such as the preservation of natural or cultural heritage),  send me a message or give me a call to discuss the possibility of pro bono work.   

The provision of any free or discounted advice is at the discretion of AT Better Planning Ltd.