Town Planning Services for Individuals, Groups and Organisations
Resource Consents

Get the best out of Resource Consents
AT Better Planning can help you:

  1. Understand whether resource consent is needed
  2. Understand what information needs to be provided in a resource consent
  3. Understand potential effects of development on and off-site and possible scope for improvement
  4. Complete resource consent application forms and prepare accompanying documents (such as an Assessment of Environmental Effects)
  5. Negotiate with Council staff
  6. Communicate with adjacent landowners and residents
  7. Make a submission on a notified resource consent
  8. Investigate planning history of land parcels and identification of any special features (e.g. notable trees)

I have experience in:​
  • Applications for buildings & structures in urban and rural locations
  • Applications for small-scale to large-scale developments
  • Applications for single house and multiple house developments
  • Applications for commercial and industrial developments
  • Review and commentary on expert reports 
  • A wide range of planning issues - neighbour effects (e.g. loss of light and privacy), streetscene effects, landscape/visual effects, ecology, traffic + parking, heritage and natural hazard risk. 
Benefits of Using a Professional

A good quality resource consent application can really save time and hassle in consent processing.  

A professional can check that application details, such site layout and design will meet both your current and future needs.  

Ability to put your best case forward in resource consent submissions and focus on "legitimate planning considerations". 

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Plan Changes 
Your opportunity to influence the planning framework
AT Better Planning Ltd. can help you:

  1. Understand the changes proposed and how it compares to the existing situation. 
  2. Prepare a submission on a plan change.
  3. Prepare a proposed plan change and accompanying documents

District Plans provide the assessment framework for resource consents.  Changes to plan provisions can dramatically alter the need for consent, how consents are assessed and likelihood of consent notification.  It is worth taking the time to check that proposed changes are likely to result in desirable future outcomes and are based on reliable up-to-date information. 
I have experience in:​
  • Interpreting existing and proposed plan changes
  • Investigating site history and identification of site features e.g. notable trees and natural/historical features
  • Preparing submissions on plan changes
  • Preparing reports on plan changes and assessing effectiveness and efficiency of proposed policies
  • Summarising submissions on plan changes and identification of key concerns
  • Investigation and research to support plan changes; and
  • ​Developing communication tools to explain plan changes.
Benefits of Using a Professional

A professional can maximise your opportunity to influence decision making about future policy decisions. 

Opportunities to comment on future development intentions are far higher at the plan change, than the resource consent stage.   However, plan changes can be hard for residents to read and interpret without assistance.   

A professional can help you provide strong support for arguments in plan change submissions by demonstrating site-specific effects.   

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Research & Analysis

Improving our understanding of the present to create a better future
AT Better Planning can help you:

  1. Investigate how NZ Councils are dealing with a particular issue or type of development
  2. Undertake a literature review using both New Zealand and overseas based information 
  3. Investigate the history of land parcels, including the identification of any special features e.g. notable trees + natural/cultural items
  4. Prepare submissions to Councils on proposed planning provisions, strategic plans, long-term plans or annual plans
  5. Prepare submissions to government agencies and other organisations such as Ministry for Environment; Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Select Committee for Local Government + Environment, NZ Productivity Commission and more.
I have experience in:​
  • ​Reviewing and summarising policy approaches used in New Zealand and overseas
  • Preparation of submissions on changes to national policy and legislation
  • Use of multiple data sources to investigate characteristics and features of local areas 
  • Presenting research findings at Council & community meetings
  • Investigating social, economic and environmental costs and benefits
  • Identifying trends in types of development
Benefits of Using a Professional

Good quality research can really strengthen arguments used in submissions.  Public organisations are likely to give greater weight to submissions which are supported by robust evidence/research.  

Research can identify policy approaches used elsewhere, outcomes of this approach and potential for use in other locations.

Research is the best way to inform/support views as to outcomes of a particular approach, or to argue that the range of options under consideration should be expanded.  

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Training & Education

  Empower yourself with Planning Knowledge

As an alternative to employing someone to prepare a submission for you, you may wish to increase your own capability of preparing a high impact submission on a specific proposal. 

​I can provide one-on-one or small-group instruction on how to prepare a good quality submission, that will give your issues the attention they deserve.  

​I can instruct you on what I consider to be your strongest planning arguments, and whether they can be strengthen further.  I can also make sure that your interpretation of provisions is correct.  

​Call me today to discuss your needs. 

​For groups of 10 or more members in the Wellington region, I offer one free training/advice session.   See homepage for details.  

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